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ALL Our puppies ARE NORMAL EYED & come pre-spoiled and well socialized with children, adults, and other animals plus handled with lots of  TLC

Puppies are up to date on  vaccinations, wormed, nails trimmed,  Mico-chiped, eye checked certified by ophthalmologists, before going to their new home with a 5yr written guarantee from genetic health problems.
and AKC paper plus pedigree.

APPLY!!  Puppies only go to approved home
WE ALSO HAVE  NON-CARRIER  for approved breeder

Special price for some nice older collies. 
Both smooth coat & rough. Normal eyed Non-Carrier of CEA & PRA
for good home or for a breeding program
call 309-781-1111 for detail
If you're interested in one of our Collies,
please fill out our questionnaire.
This is not intended to discourage anyone, but to reassure you that we will do everything possible to ensure that
our Collies are placed in the right home.
Please include Your information: e-mail; _
a phone number that you maybe reached so I can get back to you ASAP with more info. PHONE#
Address______________________________________                          State ___________
1. Do you live in town______ sub.______ or country; _____
2. Please provide the name and phone number of your veterinarian as a reference?;
3. Are your looking for a Collie puppy_____  or older______
4. Sex: Male ___  Female ____  don’t matter___
5. Coat: Rough Coat (Long hair)                                or Smooth coat (Short hair)
6. Color: Sable/white ____Tri Color __Blue Merle ___ White body with White Sable___, White Tri___, White Blue Merle__.
7. What Temperaments will fit your life stile.  Very Active___ medium ____ Mellow____.
8. What Are Your future Plans for this Collie:    Obedience _____ herding ____ Agility _____ Tracking, etc___
Pet companion/family member Only _____ Limited reg. (pet price is low).
__ Full right for Showing conformation ______ Breeding _____
9. Have you ever own a collie.
10. Tell us about the dog's environment?___Is there a fenced in yard?___________What type of fence and how high is it? _________________________________.
11. Tell us about your current pets. Please list all pets that are currently living in your household. Include the breed (if a dog) and ages:_________________________________________________________________
12. Tell us about your family;
All our collies are normal eyed 
COPY  by left click of your mouse then dragging down highlight it.  Next PASTE fill in the answer and send.

Money will buy a fine dog, but only kindness will make them wag his tail.
Potty Training  guidelines to make house training as easy as possible for you and your new pet!!

The best time to begin house training a puppy is when they are 8 to 10 weeks old. At this age, you are interducing the puppy their bladder mucles can only hold about 5-10 after eating a meal. 
When to take them outdoors to potty .
First choose the spot you want them to eliminate, If you take your puppy to the same spot every day previous odors will stimulate them.
Before going out & after the job done add key phrase like "Potty" will learn this phrase means it's the right time and place to eliminate.
After feeding, immediately after puppy wakes up, after a play sessions and if their sniffing  around .
Take them outdoors ever 2-3 hours at first, six to ten times a day to eliminate.
after 12 weeks and 5 to 20 minutes after meals.
Reward your puppy by praising her, give her a treat, or playing with her. But remember the reward needs to be given immediately. Your puppy will not learn to eliminate outdoors if the reward

be sure to pick up fecal material immediately as parasite eggs are often present in the material and can cause rein-festation. Many puppies need 15 to 20 minutes of moving around and before the eliminate. Stay with your puppy the entire time. House training problems can result if you're unsure whether your puppy actually eliminated and you let her return to the house to soon.  And also remember your puppy needs to focus on the job at hand, so don't play with her until she has eliminated.

4. Once your puppy eliminates outdoors, immediately reward her.
she returns to the house. Instead, your puppy will think she is being rewarded for coming into the house.
5. Supervise your puppy indoors as well as outdoors.
Find a room in your house that allows you to watch your puppy as much as possible. This helps you catch her if she starts to eliminate indoors.
6. When you leave home, put your puppy in a crate.
If you can't keep continuous watch on your puppy, leave her in a small puppy proof area, as a crate. If the crate is large enough to accommodate your puppy as an adult, partition it to avoid having your puppy soil in one end and sleep in the other. And remember, your puppies' bladder and bowel capacities are limited; so let your puppy out at least every 2 to 4 hours.

7. Don't punish after the fact.
If your puppy has an accident in the house, don't go get her and rub her nose in it. This doesn't do any good because the misbehavior has already occurred. Instead, try to catch your puppy in the act. If you can see your puppy is getting ready to soil in the house, don't swat her. Instead, stomp your foot, shake a can filled with pennies, or startle her by yelling, "Outside!" Your puppy will likely stop what she is doing and you can take her outside to eliminate.
8. Don't leave food out all day.
Feed your puppy at set times every day, and remove the food bowl after 20 minutes. This will create regular intervals at which your puppy will need to eliminate.
9. Thoroughly clean areas where your puppy has eliminated in the house.
Use a safe, effective product that removes both the stain and odor. It is important to clean a soiled area completely or your puppy may return to the spot and soil it again.
10. Stick with the training program.
Most puppies can be successfully house trained by 14 to 20 weeks of age. But a pet may take longer to house train for several reasons. Consult your local veterinarian if you're having difficulty.